NAEOP's Notables
Congratulations to the following Mid-Atlantic Area members elected to national committees:

Affiliations & Advisory Council
Sharon Lucas (North Carolina)
Karen Franklin (Virginia)
Tammy Johnson (Virginia) 
Bianca Bedford (North Carolina)            
Long Range Planning
Georgette Council (South Carolina)
Sandra Baker (South Carolina)
Gloria Deramus (South Carolina)
Veronica Watkins (South Carolina)
Nominations and Elections
Tina Gilliard Rice (South Carolina)
Louise Snipes (South Carolina)
Evelyn Ratterree (South Carolina)
Professional Development
Teresa Craft (Delaware)
Patti Christensen (South Carolina)
Professional Standards Program
Rachel Corvi (South Carolina)
Sylvia Sullivan (South Carolina)
Public Relations & PublicationsPublic Relations & Publications 
Jodi Granger (Virginia)
Denise Monroe (Virginia)
Terrence Pittman (North Carolina)
Special Projects
Lynn Bookert (South Carolina)
Albertha Johnson Mikell (South Carolina)
Chandra Rozier (Virginia)
Student Scholarships
Winopa Mbakop (Maryland)
Foundation FUNdraising
Cassie Nelson (South Carolina)
Foundation Marketing/Corporate Sponsorships
April Albritton (Virginia)

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